The X Ball, putting aid

The Oval Ball that Makes you putt Square

This is a new project, so you still have time to get yours!

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Wong Fu Productions’ First Feature Film


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WFP is an independent new media production company, founded by Wesley Chan, Ted Fu, and Philip Wang. The trio is primarily known for this YouTube channel where they create short films, sketches, music videos and vlogs for  supporters around the world. Since meeting in college 10 years ago, their following has grown to over 2 million subscribers and 300 million views.

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dizmo! A new revolutionary user interface – via Kickstarter

To cool! Minority report anyone? dizmo is a new versatile UI giving you access to an unlimited set of «digital gizmos» on any smart display or touch surface.

dizmo, on any smart display and digital surface

What is dizmo and how does it work?

dizmo is a new class of ground-breaking user-interface software which lets you interact with digital gizmos in the most natural way, on any advanced smart display and digital surface. We call it the «dizmo space».
Invented to enrich real time collaboration in the classroom, boardroom and office, dizmo can be installed on any standard OS like Windows, Mac OS X or Linux (see below for more details).

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The Camera Obscura! Reviving the Old Masters’ Secret Tool

This is going to be a very high quality camera obscura, handbuilt with your choice of Maple or Walnut hardwood. We are using dovetail joinery for its strength and beauty and to add to the overall quality of the piece. Each camera obscura has a tripod mounting screw, that can be attached to any standard tripod.

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